Everybody learns differently, everyone feels things differently, our brains work differently and it is the unique combination of this mix which makes us all special.  We use our past learnings to direct us in what we are doing now and how we perceive things in the future.

When I am teaching pressure on the page, be it drawing, colouring, shading, watercolour painting, acrylic painting or oil painting the pressure you use is significant in the final result.  Apart from being inside someone's arm and fingers it is very hard to teach this. The student needs to explore the medium they are using and feel it for themselves.  We give feedback which aids understanding and guide in the right direction.

I suggested to a student once that they use the brush softer, similar to how they would pat their do and the answer was, but I pat my dog hard.  This amused me and thinking about it later, I pat my dog in different ways, so using comparisons doesn't always work because that could be done differently to the way I work too!

Solution?  For me it is to know how the materials the students use first and well.  I do a lot of material exploration myself and over 80% of things I play with and experiment with don't see the light of day.  They are my learnings, my body and hand coming to understand how the materials work, what happens if you do this.....

My advice to anyone looking at trying something new, don't give up after the first try, play with the materials, watch some how to videos and read about the products.  If you have played with it for a while and don't like the results, nothing lost, experience gained.


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