What does being an Artist mean?  Who really is an artist.  I had a lady drop into the shop yesterday and we had a chat about what makes an artist popular and there is a lot of art out in the market place that some would not view as art, but it is there because the artist is somewhat popular.  I am an artist, I have been since school days, quite a few years ago, but I have not until now labelled myself and artist and I have not previously shown any of my work. 

Does that make me less of an artist  - I think not. 

Being an Art is all about YOU and what you CREATE for yourself and others to APPRECIATE. 

Where you show your work is again subjective, but it you want recongition for your work and want to be a big name you need to publically display.  I run a unique and tailored to the individual art teaching business, I choose to surround myself with my work for inspiration to myself and my student.  If you would like to see or buy my work, you just pop into the studio.  I am always happy to chat about art over a cuppa.  Sharz Art has an online shop too, but regardless of whether you want to buy or just brouse and chat about art the door is always open.   I am an Artist and now that I own my label I am happy to celebrate it!  It is never too late in your life to pick up a pencil or brush and do something for your inner child.   

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