Lockdown for us this time is very different.  12 months ago when we went into lockdown I could go to the studio and we were only closed for a short time and could still do face to face teaching.  This time we can't.  Thank you to everyone who is doing online learning and placed an order with us.  For all of our other students and customers who are waiting for face to face teaching to recommence, we hope the wait will be over soon.

Lockdown is a different experience for all of us.  What I have found is the easiest for me to cope is to still have a routine that echoes as close as possible to the routine I would normally follow.   I work best of an afternoon/evening and I have stuck to that.  I get up between 9 and 10am, take a shower, enjoy breakfast and watch a bit of television and turn the computer on around 12.  I then work till about 7pm, break for dinner and catch up then go back to work about 9pm till 12ish.  Then relax and aim for bed around 2pm.

I can hear the why and what the... going through your mind, but that is how I have always worked, that was my normal routing.  At the moment I am having the  luxury of some extra sleep but really missing the face to face teaching.  Not being able to get to the studio for me, is like having my right arm broken.  I am getting there about 8 hours per week to sort out stock and pack orders and Ryan is painting the studio to continue the revamp we started before lockdown.

Work for me has changed whilst at home, I am spending more time on my bottom on the computer and not on my feet.  So to stop myself from spending the whole time at my computer and/or drawing to create our new drawing videos, I get up every couple of hours where I can (some afternoons I have 3 to 3.5hr hours of back to back online classes) to do something that can take from  5 minutes to 30 minutes to do.  Something simple as the dishes, clean the toilet, put clothes away, put washing on, etc. this keeps me active and helps me clear the head and refocus when I return to the computer with a fresh cup of tea.

I am happy with my lockdown self, and see a light at the end of the tunnel, although still not sure how long the tunnel is.  Be safe, be well, and find your happy place.  It is good to be in your happy place each day!

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