Don't know what to give your budding artist for Christmas, the answer is quite simple a SHARZ ART DESIGN GIFT VOUCHER.  That way they can spend it on materials they wish to use - I can order in pretty much anything at a competitive price. 

The best use of the voucher though is lessons.  I know, I hear you, but they can already paint or draw, they watch stuff online and copy and learn all the time, why get lessons?

The answer is MENTORING, I work with my student’s current abilities and give feedback on how to tweak their work to bring it to life and improve with subtle differences the internet or online tutors can’t do.  I don’t feel that I have taught my student anything if they can’t constructively critique their own work to turn good into great.  Doing myself out of a job, probably but nothing makes me prouder than a student creating a piece they are proud to show off.   

Art is a reflection of our inner self into our work, the best gift to give to an artist is a safe outlet to express their craft to the best of their ability and be proud to show the world their work.  

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