My happy place is painting, oil painting preferably.  However, at the moment I am only going to the studio to sort orders, so access to my happy place is non-existent.  So, what now?  Find a new happy place...... it is easy to fall into the trap of watching television or binge watching something on a screen as a substitute for what you usually do.  For me that is a short term thing and something I get bored with easily.  I have invigorated an old passion and found a new happy place.  I have been cooking and baking.  As I am normally at the studio when most people cook their dinner, my husband has been doing most of the cooking for the last few years and apart from the odd batch of scones, he doesn't bake.  I have dug out the bread machine and started making bread rolls again, baking cookies, muffins and scones and cooking dinner most nights.  

I have spent time thumbing through my favourite old cook books and started to get creative with food again.  

Taking time to find your happy place and spending time each day in it is great for your overall well-being.  If you can't get to your happy place because of the lockdown, find something else to compensate that takes you to that place.  


Suggestions:  recycle everything off packages - create 2D or 3D creations or collages - let the imagination go - start a paper craft - draw still life, look around the house and garden and draw what you see - create squiggles and colour in the shapes - collect leaves, bark and flowers from the garden, dry them and make pictures from them -  make your own play dough or air dry clay and create - melt candles and make new ones. There are lots of creative things to do!

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