There are many opinions on whether an artist is born or made.  I totally believe that an artist can be made, it is a skill and a trade that can be learned just like any other - electrician, singer, actor - and you get good, bad, brilliant and weird, but that is what makes the world go around, we are all different and our concepts are different.  Why do I draw?  Because it is quite simple, it makes me happy, Whether the result is how you want it or not I enjoy zoning out and drawing and adding colour to create a finished piece.  I can spend hours playing and creating with paper and pencil. The principals of drawing are simple and can be learnt, the amount of time doing what you enjoy is the key to move from ok to good and from good to great.

You could do something like this without too much trouble, our little parrot has been the focus of our drawing classes this week.   He is on the wall at the shop if you want a closer look and I am happy to show you how!


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