With current circumstances, many of us have our work at home, in our allocated home spaces.  How do you draw that line in the sand?  I have a new routine (sort of), my work space is in my downtime space (no separate area for work and downtime) and there seems to be more work with less customers, finding the best balance is still a challenge (it has always been a challenge for me - for most of my life).

I have always been one to have a high work ethic and need something to occupy my time, I am not one for being able to sit idle for long periods of time.  Sitting still tends to put me to sleep, so with everything being  "at home" at the moment I am finding that I spend my entire day working on work things.  There is no real break, I do other things like clean and cook, but the brain is still working through work stuff.

I love what I do and I do what I love, but I still sometimes get to a point when my head hurts, not the headache type of hurt, but to a stage where my head is too full with work stuff and I can't do anything until I unload some of it.  When I get to this point the only thing I can do to cope is to write a big long list and tune out completely and watch TV, binge watch on Netflix or read a sappy novel.  So, despite being in lockdown for term 3, I am at a point where my head hurts and I need to turn off for a day or to.  Unfortunately, even though, the studio has been quiet the expenses still pile up and the work is still there to do.

So despite rearranging my space here at home several times, I think I have achieved some sort of balance, the rest is my head and getting that to turn off and on for work when I need it to, is certainly an ongoing challenge.

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