Weekly drawing - Term 1 - Week 1

Author: Sharlene Cormack   Date Posted:3 February 2019 

Draw a circle

This coming week we welcome our drawers, both returning and new students.  

Each lesson we do a warm-up drawing that takes the first 10 - 15 minutes of the lesson.  This is to get our head in the right space, our eyes focussed and our hand warmed up and ready to move in a drawing style (which is different to when we write words).

This week we revisit the circle both in our warmups and our weekly challenges.  This weeks weekly challenges will be published at the end of the week in their own blog post, but you can see them and practice them day to day on our facebook page or Instagram page.

 The eclipse is a flattened circle and we will look at that next week, this week is just about the rounded sphere that appears naturally in nature and in our human-made environments.  Look around and have a look at what you notice in your home, garden, school or workplace.

Below is what the students will start their lessons with this week.  


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