School Holiday Activities

School Holidays

Sorry we will be closed during the July school holidays.

We will be closed from the 5th July til the 19th July to have a break and prepare for term 3. 

We have a great alternative for you this school holiday break with some Create at Home activities, these can be taken with you if you are able to get away and take a break.

We will have packs available for you to create at home for the school holidays. Pack compostion and pricing will be available soon.  Packs available in beginner, intermediate and advanced and come with or without a painting component.

Week 1 Holidays - Closed

6th - 12th July


Monday 6th  – Closed

Tuesday 7th — Closed

Wednesday 8th – Closed

Thursday 9th – Closed

Friday 10th - Closed


Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th – CLOSED

Week 2 - Closed

13th - 19th April

Monday 13th – Closed


Tuesday 14th – Closed


Wednesday 15th – Closed


Thursday 16th – Closed


Friday 17th - Closed

Saturday 18th, and Sunday 19th  CLOSED.