School Holiday Activities

School Holidays

We are running some school holiday interactive webinars, which you can be joined through a zoom session so the student can work along with us.

All session are run with an instructor so feedback and individual instructional tuition can be given at the time within the session.

These classes are done step by step with the entire class doing the same thing.

All classes will require supervision for younger students at home whilst the activity is in progress.


Sessions will go for approximately 2 hrs 

1pm til 3pm

each session has an optional material pack available for purchase which can be picked up at the studio or delivered to you (delivery charge extra).

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Due to the extended Sydney lockdown we are unable to run any instudio classes.


Week 1 Holidays

20th September to 26th September


Monday 20th September -  Photo Collage Wall Hanging

1pm til 3pm

Cost $40 (online session) + optional $30 craft pack 

Tuesday 21st September -  Silouette drawings with oil pastels

1pm til 3pm

Cost $40 (online session ) + optional $20 oil pastel pack

Wednesday - 22nd September - Abstract face painting with acrylic paint

1pm til 3pm

Cost $40 (online session ) + optional $50 paint pack

Thursday 23rd September - Painting birds with watercolour

1pm til 3pm

Cost $40 (online session ) + optional $40 paint pack

Friday 24th September - Sprial butterfly wall hanging

1pm til 3pm

Cost $40 (online session) + optional $30 craft pack 

Saturday 25th September - No activities


Sunday 26th September - No activities


Week 2 Holidays

27th September - 3rd October


Monday 27th September - Build an underwater diorama

1pm til 3pm

Cost $40 (online session) + optional $30 craft pack

Tuesday 28th September - Paint a waterfall in acrylic paint

1pm til 3pm

Cost $40 (online session) + optional $50 paint pack

Wednesday 29th September - Painting flowers in watercolour

1pm til 3pm

Cost $40 (online session) + optional $40 paint pack

Thursday 30th September - Drawing landscapes with soft pastels

1pm til 3pm

Cost $40 (online session) + optional $35 pastel pack

Friday 1st October - Finger puppet fun

1pm til 3pm

Cost $40 (online session) + optional $30 craft pack

Saturday 2nd October - No activities

Sunday 3rd October - No activities



Term 4 is scheduled to commence on Tuesday 5th October. 

We will be governed by current lockdown regulations, however, please complete the form below to express your interest and we will be in touch prior to the start of term.

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Sharlene is a wonderful art teacher. My girls love attending her art classes each week.


Sydney, NSW

Sharlene is an amazing teacher and our daughter is producing beautiful artwork.


Sydney, NSW

Great party host, who knew her audience well targeting painting to the right level. My daughter loved it!



The best place to learn and practice art. Love the place.



My experience with sharlene was amazing.  She is an amazing woman doing an amazing job to make kids learn art. My daughter learned so much there.  Iwould definitely recommend sharz art!!
Thanks sharlene



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We modify our hours on School Holidays to run Art Camp, days and times vary so please check the school holiday page for details.

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