Preschool Classes

Our classes are created to engage the curiosity of the young mind and help them to improve not only their fine motor skills but it builds confidence, helps them with focus, helps them with the decision making process and self expression.  Our programs are adapted to suit the skills of the student and focus where they need the most assistance.

Cost: $30 per student this is approx 1/2 hour 1 to 1 session.

A group of students min 3 max 6 - for a 1 hr session is $25 per student.

Minimum age is 2, maximum age is 5, once they start school they should transition to after school classes.

We can only run this class on a Thursday between 10am and 3pm.  Special 1 off class times can be arranged during the day on some Saturdays.   

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Sharlene is a wonderful art teacher. My girls love attending her art classes each week.


Sydney, NSW

Sharlene is an amazing teacher and our daughter is producing beautiful artwork.


Sydney, NSW

Great party host, who knew her audience well targeting painting to the right level. My daughter loved it!



The best place to learn and practice art. Love the place.



My experience with sharlene was amazing.  She is an amazing woman doing an amazing job to make kids learn art. My daughter learned so much there.  Iwould definitely recommend sharz art!!
Thanks sharlene



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We modify our hours on School Holidays to run Art Camp, days and times vary so please check the school holiday page for details.

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