Team Bonding Sessions

Are you looking for something different to help a group get to know each other and enhance communications?

We run team bonding sessions with a difference.  We tap into the creative side of the brain and help the team relax and open personal conversations which helps with the following in your team environment :

- encourages communiation

- builds trust

- mitigates conflict 

- increase collaboration 

- increases motivation

Often the most successful team building events are those that don't feel like another day in the office!

We base out activities around a group canvas and painting a single canvas, plus some other fun creative group activities.

Pricing will depend on venue, materials and number of attendees - minumum session time 2 hours, mimimum number is 6 persons - 2 hour sessions start from $200, please contact us for a quote.

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Sharlene is a wonderful art teacher. My girls love attending her art classes each week.


Sydney, NSW

Sharlene is an amazing teacher and our daughter is producing beautiful artwork.


Sydney, NSW

Great party host, who knew her audience well targeting painting to the right level. My daughter loved it!



The best place to learn and practice art. Love the place.



My experience with sharlene was amazing.  She is an amazing woman doing an amazing job to make kids learn art. My daughter learned so much there.  Iwould definitely recommend sharz art!!
Thanks sharlene



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We modify our hours on School Holidays to run Art Camp, days and times vary so please check the school holiday page for details.

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